Chewore’s Wildlife

The area surrounding and including the lodge and campsite is teeming with wildlife. As this has been a campsite for many years, the animals are habituated to the presence of humans and are not skittish. This gives rise to spectacular photo opportunities, as well as encounters that will remain with you for the rest of your life.
Often seen in the area are lion and painted dogs. The abundance of prey leads to kills from both species within the grounds that fortunate visitors have witnessed and photographed every year since the camp’s inception.
The elephant has been deliberately left to last, as these majestic animals are a small story on their own at Chewore. They grace us with their presence almost daily throughout the year but during the hot dry season from mid-August through to the end of November they appear like ghosts in large numbers to graze the pods dropped by the Albida trees. Whilst often around during the day the visits increase dramatically at night with elephants foraging on the lawn just off from the dining room and passing the windows in the chalets not more than 2 meters from where you sleep. The chalets have been designed to maximize these encounters with Africa’s giants.
Without exception, every guest who has witnessed this has declared that they will never forget this experience, it is a once-in-a-life-time opportunity to see an elephants eyelashes by moonlight. All in all whether you are a photographer, fishermen, conservationist or just another individual who loves nature and animals, Chewore will not disappoint you.