Discover the
Most Beautiful African Destination

Located at the confluence of the Zambezi and Chewore rivers, on the border of the famed Chewore North Safari area,
a UNESCO World Heritage site, lies Chewore Lodge and Campsite.

Inaccessible other than by air or 4×4 vehicle, the area is a pristine untamed wilderness area teeming with wildlife. Through the heart of this untamed wilderness runs the spectacular Zambezi River, the largest and most remote river in Southern Africa and it is this combination of the harsh uncompromising, untouched environment and magnificent river that creates unique opportunities to experience unsurpassed beauty, abundant wildlife and some of the finest fresh water fishing opportunities available in Africa.

On the banks of the Zambezi, great cliffs overhang the river and the floodplains. The area is home to a remarkable concentration of wild animals, including elephants, buffalo, leopards and cheetahs. An important concentration of Nile crocodiles is also be found in the area. While black rhino has disappeared since the property’s inscription, huge herds of elephant and buffalo, followed by zebra, waterbuck and many other antelope species and their associated predators including lion and hyena migrate to the area each year during the dry winter months. The river is also famous for its sizeable numbers of hippopotamus and Nile crocodile. Resident and migratory birdlife, with over 450 species recorded, is also abundant. – UNESCO