Our record-breaking Tiger Fishing is what Chewore Area is known for. The best time for this is in the hotter months – August to November.

Fishing in this section of the mighty Zambezi is one of nature’s gifts to mankind. Combined with our boatmen’s river and fishing experience they will guide you into fighting and landing the magnificent Tiger Fish, even if it is your first time.

If you are serious about getting onto our ‘Big Fish Board’ You will need to catch and land 15lbs Tiger to have your name go up!


The sounds alone tell you there is an abundance of birdlife. During your time spent at Chewore, you will notice the bird sounds in the morning differ to the birds in the afternoon.

Being adjacent to an IBA (Important Bird Area) alongside the contradicting landscapes, we are home to over 400 recorded species.

An annual excitement is the arrival of the colony of Carmine Bee Eaters as they make the Chewore Riverbanks their home. During the few months they are with us, the sky becomes alive with darts of their famous red and blue colouring.

Game Viewing and Sunset Cruises

Depending on what time of the year you are with us, you may just be viewing the game from your chalet, if it so happens not to be the case then take up a game cruise. It is a favorite of ours to cruise down the Zambezi, being submerged in Africas’ finest. Sightings of lion, kudu, eland, water buck, impala, and of course elephants are common all year around. If you are visiting in the hotter months, such as October, November you will probably be lucky enough to see elephants swimming and frolicking in the water.

It is a given to see the enormous crocodiles lying on the banks, soaking up the sun as well as pods of hippos grazing and lazing in the shallower waters. Cruises are well stocked with drinks and snacks and it is a delight to drift downstream with friends just enjoying where you are.

Photographic Safaris

Africa’s landscapes are dramatic, our range of diverse wildlife from the largest land mammal in the world to the different bucks of the African planes, naturally invites you to capture the shot. We invite you to take a walk through the assorted landscapes with a safari photographer, guiding your images and techniques while being submerged in the magic of Chewore.

You could start your day out catching the sunrise on the Tamani Look Out point or walking through to the forest while your photographer guides you through your cameras’ potential. The dappled morning light shines through the Acacia Albida forest onto our resident kudu or waterbuck and this alone gives you award winning photography opportunities along side the famous ‘blue haze’

Once the gentle light of sunrise has left , make your way back into the Lodge to go over the images you’ve captured, what would be the best way to edit them and what you could do on your next shot to get it even better.

Have lunch by the pool and afterwards maybe you just want to chill or take a boat cruise down the Zambezi. Perhaps you want to get going with your cameras again? The vast sandbanks make for magnificent shots with the elephants often found at dusk kicking up the dust in front of the sunset.

Whichever itinerary you select for this photographic safari, you will go home with award worthy images and a lifetime of memories of your African Experience and a deeper love and enthusiasm for photography!

There is a selection between a 3,4- and 5-day itinerary.

Minimum of 4 guests and a maximum of 10.

Island Drinks

This become a firm favorite and its obvious why! Set in a landscape like no other, the sandbanks run for kilometers, the Zambezi turns crystal blue at sunset and the golden fire of a sunset slowly disappears behind the mountains.

Often the elephants kick the dust up just as the sun starts to set, this together with a drink in hand and our decadent snack ‘ boards’ makes for an unforgettable African Experience.

Catering & Cuisine

Chewore is proud to showcase where one of our key team members passions lie ;Cuisine and our Kitchen. With our resident chef and years of creating locally sourced seasonal produce menus, dining at Chewore contributes to enhancing your African experience.

Your meals are tailored to suit the type of trip you would like to have. Whether it be a continental breakfast, followed by a walk in the forest and back for a Mediterranean Lunch or you’d prefer a lazy morning in bed and chilling by the pool with a much later full brunch served. There is no rush to a meal as we cater to your pace.