Fishing in this section of the mighty Zambezi is one of nature’s gifts to mankind, even if you are not a fisherman. The abundance of wildlife, bird-life and riverine flora along with the absence of human beings makes it an absolute pleasure. Simply drifting down river with or without a rod in the water, observing all that goes on around you, both on the banks and in the water creates memories of special times that will not be easily forgotten.
There at least 20 different species of fish in this stretch of the river, tiger, Vundu, barbel, electric barbel, silver barbel, Cornish jack, bottle nose, purple labeo, two kinds of squeaker, Churchill, bulldog fish, mberi, chessa, nkupi, niloticus and indigenous bream, eel, and others.
Both the camp and lodge operate on a catch and release basis for tiger fish. Another very pleasurable pastime is fishing for the delectable bream in the wetlands and islands that are in abundance all year round.
Once again the activities going on around you as you fish will keep you interested and amused for hours, the bonus is catching enough bream to take back to the lodge or campsite to enjoy as a dinner.